MLD - Manual lymph drainage 


Was pioneered by Dr. Emil Vodder in the 1930s for the treatment of chronic sinusitis and other immune disorders, and is now recognized as a primary tool in Lymphedema Management. 
It is a very gentle massage which encourages the natural circulation of the lymph throughout the body. The lymph system depends on peristalsis and the movement of skeletal muscles to squeeze fluid through lymph ducts and vessels. 
MLD consists of gentle, rhythmic massaging of the skin to stimulate the lymph nodes to open and drain. The treatment is very comfortable and non aggressive. A typical session will involve drainage of the neck, abdomen, trunk, and extremities and lasts approximately 60 minutes. 

Lymph circulation is three times greater than that of blood. It plays a vital role in the body’s immune system, the elimination of toxic waste and the transportation of nutrients to the cells.
MLD is both preventative and remedial and can enhance your well being.  

The effectiveness of M.L.D. is particularly relevant to the following conditions:
* Lymphoedema (water retention)  
* Relieves fluid congestion: swollen ankles, tired puffy eyes, 
   swollen puffy ankles and legs due to pregnancy and otherwise.
* Breast tenderness / lump
* Cellulite and localised weight problems
* Sinus disorders
* Fatigue 
* Promotes the healing of fractures, torn ligaments, sprains 
   and lessens pain.
* Can improve many chronic conditions: sinusitus, rheumatoid 
   arthritis, scleroderma, acne and other skin conditions.
* Strengthen the immune system.

* Promotes healing of wounds, burns and improves the appearance 
  of old scars.
* Minimizes or reduces stretch marks.

The first visit will include a consultation during which I will recommend the number and frequency of future sessions.
Each session will last approximately one hour. Where appropriate I will work in conjunction with your medical practitioner.


- I have known Sofia  for 7 years and she is a lovely , warm person who cares about people. She loves to study in order to gain more knowledge to help people. I have had holistic massage and cellulite massage at regular intervals and I have found it  therapeutic and very beneficial on unblocking  and clearing my cellulite from my congested lower body, my hips and legs.
I have also had lymphatic drainage, which was a revelation for me as I suffered with water retention and this showed a vast improvement after only one session.
My energy levels increased as well after the treatment.
Sue Overton - London